Mobile Entrepreneur Tips— Covering the Basics

People who find themselves working on the road will oftentimes encounter challenges. Luckily, these challenges can easily be avoided by making sure you have the following tools that are necessary for working remotely.

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

Accidents can happen whether you’re sitting in your office or on the road. Keeping your data stored on the cloud means that you can get back on the saddle, if things go south and you lose all your data. This helps with your contacts, emails, documents, and all of your critical files. Makes using cloud-based programs and apps a no-brainer.


Whether you work from home, at an office or are constantly on the road, your laptop is going to be an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Needless to say, your laptop is going to be the one piece of technology that you are going to do practically all your tasks on, it’s important to choose your laptop wisely. Something that’s light and portable usually fits the bill. Make sure to work from a shares cloud folder so your team has access to any necessary shared files and updates.


There’s little our phones can’t do these days, which is why they are so important in both our business and personal lives. Having a reliable smartphone is a must-have for any productive entrepreneur because it can be used in tandem with VOIP to forward calls to your phone, regardless of your physical location. If you are using any apps that store client or financial information, never save or store your passwords. Smartphones as well as laptops are the top stolen or lost electronics. You don’t want your confidential information in the hands of someone who will wrongfully use it.

Have a Backup Plan

Working on the road is a second office to many people these days. Besides, access to different technologies makes it easy for one to do pretty much the same work, access to the same files, as if they were sitting right in front of their office computer. So stay prepared in case if something goes wrong. No internet in your hotel, make sure you know how to turn on your mobile hotspot. What happens if you forget your laptop/phone somewhere, immediately call your phone provider to cancel service or your IT provider to stop access or change passwords to your important files.

Being a mobile is the new way of work. Keep your technologies ready to go and secure at all times. In a world full of ransomware and identity theft, make sure you’re going out prepared.

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