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Business Black Box specializes in providing businesses with Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.
Our software protects businesses, not just data. Our main focus is to help businesses resolve their Data Backup Challenges, Reduce Offsite Backup Costs, and Protect Their Data. We have helped thousands of clients with a variety of Offsite Data Backup needs.

Even though we have been providing Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for years, we realized that many businesses still find this concept very confusing and riddled with complex technologies. There is also the assumption that a complete Disaster Recovery Solution has to be expensive.

We launched BusinessBlackbox.com to help provide businesses and IT professionals a simple Backup and Disaster Recovery System which can be setup without complex training manuals. Our product combines all of the components of an effective Backup and Disaster Recovery system in one complete package. The Business Black Box is- The All in One Solution.

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Company Facts

  • We have been offering offsite backup services to businesses since 2007
  • Our secure backup servers are located in our data center in Northern California
  • Our Experts are available to help you, seven days a week from 8 am to 6 pm PST
  • Our Certified Data Backup Engineers have more than 40 years of combined experience in the Data Backup field.

Data Backup. Its what we do BEST!

We don’t take backup lightly. We know your data is the lifeline of your business. Find out why Business Black Box is the best backup solution in the market


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