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Data Loss is not an option. Protect your business data today

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They’re after your data – like never before

For years, criminals have been after business data. Client records, financial reports, credit card and social security numbers are a dream come true for cyber criminals. With the advent of Ransomware, criminals have finally figured out how to lock your critical data and hold it hostage for a payment. The emergence of Bitcoin and other online payment methods had even made it easier for a cyber-criminal to lock your data and a payment to unlock it.

We’ve Got You Covered!
We created Business Black Box over 10 years ago for two reasons.
1 – Reduce downtime to the shortest amount possible in case of a complete server crash.
2 – Protect business data from Ransomware, Viruses, Theft, Deletions, Fire and other Disasters.
Business Black Box backs up your entire server/data to two separate locations. A local backup for quick data recovery and a remote backup for full disaster recovery. It also includes professional installation, disaster recovery software, daily backup monitoring and monthly backup testing.


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Local backups are just not good enough anymore to recover from a disaster. Take your data backup to the next level and ensure complete recovery.
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The Black Box Difference

Backup Testing

All client backups are monitored and tested by a trained backup engineer. You can opt to receive monthly backup reports which show the last test times. This type of accounting isn’t found in any other backup solution.
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Knowledge is Power

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Straight From Our Clients

With 800 members, we help over 10,000 employers every year. Because we are covering the entire state of California, technology really plays an important part in us being able to serve our members quickly. One of the most critical parts of our operational plan is the availability of our data. The backup solution provided by Business Black Box has protected us from several ransom ware attacks along with accidental data deletions. We cannot imagine trying to run our business without this protection in place.


Cell Energy has multiple retail stores along with extensive solar operation. We needed a backup solution that will protect our multiple virtual servers and replicate our data to the cloud daily. The Business Black Box solution has provided tremendous peace of mind. We know all of our critical serves are being protected around the clock.

Tony Reyes, President, Cell Energy

We deal with extremely confidential client information and it’s essential for us to use a backup system which meets our compliance requirements. The Business Black Box system lets us meet all compliance needs and also we know in case of a disaster our data isn’t going anywhere. We especially love that we receive daily backup notifications giving us further assurance that our data is being tested and protected.

Deanna Erdman, Director of Operations, Springer Financial Advisors

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We don’t take backup lightly. We know your data is the lifeline of your business. Find out why Business Black Box is the best backup solution in the market


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