Data Backup Facts

With sales contracts, accounting records, marketing materials, business contacts and emails all being stored in digital format nowadays, it has become increasingly important for all businesses to back up your business data. In the event of any hardware failure, restoring data from the backup is a much cheaper operation than rebuilding from scratch.

Did you know 43% of people lose irreplaceable files every year?

Viewed from a strategic perspective, your data represents the core of your business. You have invested a lot of TIME, MONEY and EFFORT in developing your business data. Contracts, sales records, proposals, accounting records, marketing material, business contacts, emails, and even digital photos taken at important events, etc., make up the bulk of your invaluable business assets, which you cannot afford to lose.

Studies have shown that

  • 1MB of data is worth approximately $10,000.
  • Re-building just 20MB of lost data could cost more than $17,000 and take nearly three weeks to complete.
  • A leaked record may cost you $180 to rectify.
  • Retrieval of data from a crashed hard drive is extremely costly, and there is NO GUARANTEE of success!

Data Loss Makes Your Business Suffer

  • Your business data goes hand in hand with your business operations. The loss of such data, or even their temporary inaccessibility, may threaten your hard-earned competitive position.
  • Companies without proactive backup and recovery policies are likely to be OUT OF BUSINESS within 2 years of a major disaster.
  • Loss of business data may ruin your company’s reputation, and may lead to expensive litigation.
  • Worst of all, it interrupts your business continuity.

Causes of Data Loss