Black Box Standard – Features

Black Box Standard – Features

Automatic Backups

With our automatic backup feature, you can be sure that your data is being backed up without even thinking about it. The convenience of automatic backup software is that it performs all operations related to data backup and disaster prevention automatically, not requiring user attention.

Disk Imaging

Disk imaging software captures an exact “image” of your computer. In case of a system crash, a system can be recovered without having to reinstall the Windows operating system. This feature restores an exact copy of your system including Operating System, Emails, Databases, and Settings.

Bare Metal Restore to another System

In the event of a complete server crash, you can restore your entire backup to a completely new server. This process will completely restore the entire server , even if you have to start from scratch, put in a blank hard drive, or buy a new server altogether.

Dual Destination Backup

Our software can backup your system to two locations for extra security. You can maintain a local copy for quick recovery and an extra offsite copy to our servers for disaster recovery.

Encrypt Data for Security

All backed up data can be encrypted with 256-bit encryption. This virtually makes it impossible for someone to view saved data without the proper encryption password.

SSL Security for Data Transfer

Your data can be transmitted to our servers for safekeeping in case of a disaster. This data is transmitted using a 128 Bit SSL connection. This assures your backup files are locked and tamper-free while being carried over the Internet to our secure offsite data center. No one can gain access to your private backup files either en-route or once they are stored in our data center.

Remote File Access

If your local backup becomes inaccessible, you can download a copy of your backup from our servers. This data can also be sent to you by overnight shipping.

Emergency Restore CD

Allows you to recover and boot up your system in the event of a complete system crash. An emergency restore CD allows you to boot a system even when your server is unbootable.

Free Installation

The Business Black Box comes with Free remote installation. There is no need for IT Professionals or installation manuals. One of our Experts will log into your system and complete the setup and configuration for you.

Free Offsite Storage

Your Business Black Box includes 25GB of free offsite storage to our secure servers at no additional cost. Our system provides you with a reliable, secure facility for offsite data storage.

250GB Portable USB Hard Drive

All of your backups are saved onto an external USB hard drive. This hard drive is included as part of your purchase. This portable storage device lets you easily backup your data and has 250GB of storage space packed into a compact unit.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We will create a customized Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan as part of your purchase. This plan can help you meet compliance requirements and recover from a disaster quickly and with minimum downtime.

Backup Monitoring and Reporting

With our optional Backup Monitoring and Reporting services, we monitor your backups to make sure they will be available in the event of a system failure. We can also notify you if your backup system is not working properly or if the automatic backups are not taking place. Without this feature your backup plan is only 50% effective.

Optional Features & Add-ons

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Backup

More and more businesses are relying on Microsoft Exchange for their communications. Lost emails and/or public folders can cost organizations thousands of dollars. With our Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Backup, we can restore an entire mailbox, individual emails, calendar or other items in just minutes.

Microsoft SQL Server Backup

Microsoft SQL Server Backup allows us to restore individual databases and transaction logs without having to restore an entire system.

Prepaid Data Recovery Services

Computer systems can fail at any time and for any reason. It’s better to have a plan ready rather than hoping for the best. A system crash for a small organization can easily cost from $3000 to $7000. With our prepaid disaster recovery services, we will provide you up to 8 hours of service for one low fee. In case of a system failure, you’ll receive unlimited technical support and extra copies of your backups shipped to you overnight from our data center at no additional cost.

Storage Types

If you need more storage space, you can upgrade your storage type and capacity during the checkout process. If you don’t see your desired option available, we can customize a storage solution to meet your needs.

Backup Monitoring and Technical Support

According to a recent survey, more than 50% of backup systems are either not setup properly or not backing up data all together. Many organizations use the “Set it and Forget it” analogy for their backup systems. This can lead to a major disaster when the data you need cannot be recovered. With our Backup Monitoring and Technical Support service, we monitor your backups to make sure they will be available in the event of a system failure. We can also notify you if your backup system is not working properly or if the automatic backups are not taking place. Without these features your backup plan is only 50% effective.