The Challenge

Small and medium businesses are highly dependent on the availability of their systems and down time is not an option. If your server goes down, it can cost thousands of dollars and can take substantial amount of time to bring it back up.

Most data backup and recovery solutions in the market today are too expensive, complex, and require trained IT professionals to implement them.

Small and medium businesses often have limited budgets and IT staff. Furthermore they need a backup and disaster recovery solution that can be operated without the need of a full time IT staff.

Data Backup Facts

The Solution

Business Black Box provides Small Businesses a simple and affordable way to protect their systems against Natural and Man-made Disasters.

The Black Box backs up your entire server to two separate locations. A Local USB Backup for Quick Data Recovery and Remote Offsite Backup for Disaster Recovery. It also includes Professional Installation, Disaster Recovery Software and Bundled Offsite Storage at no additional cost.

A combination of these four factors makes Business Black Box the most complete backup and disaster recovery system on the market.

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